Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kicking off the CitiMommies ministry group!

Citi Mommies is a group of Mom's in the city of Mount Vernon. This ministry group is initiated through Citipoint Church and we are very motivated to serve in our community! At this point, our intentions for this blog is to update with pictures of the fun events. So far we have enjoyed each other's company when meeting at the local coffee house, Ristretto. In addition to our monthly meetings, we organize fun events to incorporate our kids as well. Going for walks in the park and taking the kids to a water park have been a couple of the events planned so far. We have had three meetings and still discovering so many things we can do for our community. This group has already provided a week's worth of meals to two families who just had a new baby. We feel that is a wonderful way to bless a family with a new baby! We are still working on an official logo, so check back for an update soon!

Rhonda, Bekah, Emily, Angelyn at the 3rd meeting

Rhonda, Bekah, Emily and Angelyn discussing things on our agenda


Rhonda and Bekah

Emily and Angelyn


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A ministry group of Mom's from Citipoint Church. Our intention is to serve in our community helping Mom's and their families and also provide support and advice to each other. In addition to serving, we schedule fun events incorporating our own children as well.